Boogie Board Blackboard Note

Boogie Board Blackboard Note

Soooo…this looks cool. Does anyone know anything about it or have one? How comparable is it to Rocket Book? Are there special pens that you have to buy like Rocket Book? @ThunderThighs, the listing doesn’t say that all of the different slates pictured with it (Dot, grid, planner, lines, etc.) come with it…do you know what’s in the box? Inquiring minds wanna know…:thinking::face_with_monocle::notebook::spiral_notepad::clipboard:

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Most items on Clearance are from Amazon overstock and aged inventory so we don’t have a lot of information on them.

It’s this one on Amazon:

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ShhhhPANX! :facepunch:

I’d never seen the Rocket Book, but after watching it seems like more of a mini whiteboard and then they push you to the digital app for easy upload (altho I think the Boogie Board has an app too).

I’d say while the 2 products serve similar purposes, I think they’re marketed slightly different. It seems like the Rocket Book could be used for more detailed or longer notes while the Boogie Board may be for smaller purposes like a to do list, or quick sketches for example. I think it ultimately comes down to how you plan to use it.

I’ve seen the Boogie board before, and after seeing the rocket book, I’d still choose the Boogie Board for my purposes (daily to do lists, sketching, ideas, etc). And this is a solid deal for one

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The app with the Rocket notebook does automatic uploading to Google Drive, or email or whatever and has OCR. How does this compare on the Boogie Board app?

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Not sure, I dont own the Boogie board, yet.

But, I downloaded the app just now because I eas curious (called Black Board by Boogie Board for android, and they have ios app too). Looks like there is no issue uploading ti whatever cloud service, email, or whatever you like (wasnt sure about OCR). So I think it has similar features to the rocket app (altho I did not download that one).

Again, I think it really comes down to use case. For me it makes sense to get a boogie board because I’d be using it for daily to do lists and small sketches which I wont need to upload, but I suppose could if I wanted to. But maybe for someone else, it makes sense to get a rocket book.

Hope thats helpful


Thanks! Yes I mostly DON’T use the rocket for more than lists (I have the cheap non-reusable kind because I wanted to try it out) which is why this appeals. But the OCR really is great for the occasional upload situation.

Honestly this is cheap so maybe I’ll just do it anyway!

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For sure, its definitely nice to have the flexibility.

Unfortunately i think they are gone now lol, because i was going to try as well - i’m sure theyll be back