Book Lovers

Why no more tanks? I just recently discovered that with two lines of stitching the tri-blend tanks fit me just right!

The tank I received looked like H&M on meth! It was horrible! I will never order a tank on Woot again

I say more zip up hoodies! Pullllleeeze Woot!

Oh Man, and I was sure this would be the woot plus sale where I could score a “Don’t Take My Word for It” as a tote.


More Totes. Many more totes. If the 4 friends design had been a tote, I would have purchased it. Ditto the reading rainbow designs.

… and yet, no Shelf Life.

Finally! Ever since ‘The One Shirt’ was originally published I hoped that it would someday be offered in a long sleeved version. This is a happy, happy day :slight_smile:

What? No “Books – No Electricity Required” Shirts
It’s the best thing about reading!

No H2G2? Funny how just when you think life can’t possibly get any worse it suddenly does.

The tanks are great! Moar tanks!

My girlfriend really want the Four Classmates in a zip up hoodie or a long sleeve t-shirt.

ditto for the zip hoodie!