Bookcases and Other Storage

I bought one of those wood/fabric drawer thingies before, without very high expectations about the build quality; I was still disappointed. They are incredibly poorly built, with crappy wood, weakly glued joints, and wood filler slathered into large voids of the wood without even being sanded down. I have literally never seen furniture of worse quality.

The 2-shelf X-sided bookcase I bought Tuesday arrived yesterday and I put it together today. It goes together pretty easily, just note that the allen wrench screws will strip if you work at them too hard (I stripped one on the final tightening) and a power screwdriver is highly recommended for the third step in assembly.

Otherwise, I’m calling this a solid buy. It looks a lot better than the shelf from Ikea I was considering but was the same price. The color is mahogany-ish. It’s about the same quality as what you would get from any furniture brand that is a step or 2 above Ikea.