Bookcases & Other Storage

What are the dimensions for the cubby squares?
I am wondering if these will fit my LPs.

Which one?

I bought the Furinno 3 Shelves Cabinet w/2 Bin Drawers a few months ago. It has already completely fallen apart. Sub-Walmart-grade materials and construction.

I’d like to know the top dimensions of the on with the 2 drawers underneath? The top opening if possible?

Urg. They’ve been in my house since December 2014.

There is STILL a bizarre and unlovely chemical stinkyness exuding from them. Do not like. Won’t recommend.

Ordered back in December but after a couple of moves, have not had a chance to unpack. Finally got to unpacking and one of the boxes is missing side panels while the other box was missing the manual. Assembly is simple so the manual is a non-issue, but the missing side panels? This sucks. What is the next course of action if Woot does not accommodate?

If you’re missing parts of your order then Woot should be able to direct you to manufacturer or possibly find replacement parts.
It’s also suggested you call manufacturer as they can help with parts and partial orders.

If you email into they’ll be happy to help answer any questions or concerns you may have.