Books are Murder

If books are murder, they’re enjoyable, well-loved, easy-to-read-in-the-tub, wonderful murder…

Was tempted to buy this one, but the little disclaimer about ebooks pretty much kills it for me. I think it would be much funnier without that. Just my humble opinion.

o_O Are you serious??? Is that supposed to be ironic? Is it a parody reflection on the realities of competition that sometimes creates underhanded campaigns designed to discredit opponents? Oh I got it. Hahaha good point but a bit too subtle.


What’s up with paypal being disabled?

And here I thought that it was about how books basically murder my productivity. 'Cause that’s what happens when I get into a good book, just kills my productivity.

E-books are murder too. Just think of all the sand and ore we had to kill to mine the silicon and other minerals needed to make the electronic chips and components. And all the oil byproducts we killed to make the plastic casing.

(and before anyone comes at me with the obvious, yes, I know the difference in “life” between trees and sand and such.)

Unsure why that “happy little tree” makes me think of my pal Bob Ross…

Another reason to love shirtwoot!, the sense of humor that can warp more things than wood ; )

Reminds me of that hilarious (and rather violent) old game Postal 2… I feel like the shirt should be yellow.


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What happened to the American Apparel option?

And books aren’t hazardous electronic waste. There’s something ironic about suggesting e-readers are good for the environment. It might be true if people kept an e-reader for life, instead of upgrading every few years.

If you don’t believe books are murder, I refer you to the Silence In The Library & Forest Of The Dead episodes of Doctor Who. [Frankly, I thought this was going to be marketed as another Doctor Who shirt…]

You have a point, but right now, I’ve got 200+ unique ebooks (with quite a few copied to both of my e-reading devices), and they don’t use any more physical materials than what came with the devices. Compare that to several hundred pounds of dead trees. (And if/when I replace these devices, it won’t have anything to do with cramming more ebooks on them, so there’s no additional waste.)

Trees are a renewable resource. Most of the things that go into making an e-reader are not. Companies that make paper typically plant more trees than they cut down. Paper books smell better too :slight_smile:

I really want this shirt, but no American Apparel option??

Every non-AA Woot! shirt I’ve purchased goes unworn because the fit is terrible. The neck openings are huge and the sleeves are too short. I keep thinking the next one will be better, but they never are.

True story! I mean, all the fossil fuels, petroleum, electricity it takes to produce and distribute e-readers, and then the electricity to use it, then updating.
But my thought was that if something were to happen to the internet or to electricity, a worldwide hack or a disaster of some sort, everything would be lost. We’d literally have nothing because our entire world is simply 10101010011001001000101011

What about the electricity it takes to run the thing? That doesn’t come out of thin air, you know.

But books are your livelihood, man. Think what you’re saying!

Great shirt.