Books – No Electricity Required

Horay for books!

This is old school and geeky enough that I like it!

Happy to make this my 50th Woot! Thanks Jas!

Simple + elegant (plus shirt.wooters are revealed as at least 1100 people who linger over their coffee while reading. Who’d a thunk it?)

I would buy this shirt… but I think I’ll wait for the movie.

you need electricity to be able to read in the dark… or batteries at the very least…

What’s a book?

No electricity required, but reading by candle light is not fun.

Yea, bibliophila.

Woooooo, books! You can read them on the computer… Oh wait.

Candle light or a fire in the fireplace. Light at night, OLD SCHOOL!

e-books - No trees required. :stuck_out_tongue:

My “So many books, so little time” shirt wore out. This will be a good replacement.

No electricity, eh? So what powers the printing presses?

The only problem with this shirt is that it lacks the new book smell.

So I can tell that the book on the top shelf is about cats, the book on the bottom is about recycling, but can anyone tell me what the book on the middle shelf with the Asian character might be about?

People who call themselves dedicated book readers say that paper is the only way to go. At the same time, do they know how much energy is required and how much pollution is created by cutting down the trees, processing the paper, printing/assembly and all the transportation in between?

Ebook readers are much better for the environment.

Relatively l a m e as far as shirt.woot goes. I’m disappointed. This is neither humorous, nor offensive, nor geeky. And the clipart looks like it came out of microsoft office.

Shirts with sayings/slogans on them like this one, are for posers. They should include this paragraph, on the back.

He’s a cat recycler.

Love that Jasneko chose a typewriter-style monospace font for this one. Definitely seems to fit the subject.