Since WOOT may have access to Amazon what about clearance books? People still like to read.

Or is there not enough profit on clearance books beyond what the Mothership already offers.

We’re tried to sell books at various times and they just don’t do well. Also, there’s not a lot of margin in books so it’s hard to discount.

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Could be a BOC variant when things open up.

BoCaB? Bag of Crap and Books! Rando box chalked full of what evers in books.

If you’ve ever gotten a BoC with books in it, you probably wouldn’t be asking for this. All but one I’ve gotten has been unreadable.

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Donna Leon?


Thanks for the reply. That is kind of what I expected.

I like books so I thought I would ask.

Certainly out of the norm but what about book bundles in categories? Self help, Romance, Suspense, Horror, Sci-Fi, etc…Or maybe this would still fall into the category of small margin and now adding in warehouse handling which reduces profit even more.



That’s above my reading level.

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What a great book.