Boombotix REX Portable Bluetooth Speaker

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Boombotix REX Portable Bluetooth Speaker
Price: $39.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard OR $10 Two-Day OR $20 One-Day
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Monday, Oct 20 to Tuesday, Oct 21) + transit
Condition: New


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Product Page!

This thing is a mix of an awesome 80’s/90’s portrait background and Johnny number 5’s eyes.

4.7 Stars on an earlier model over at Amazon

Just bought one… i hope it jamms ! The reviews say oh yea so woot woot !!

BB Rex is a great buy for $45. I have the BB Rex v2 in Orange, the faults I have found are 1) the volume buttons do not affect the volume when using analogue line input mode; 2) It is difficult to quickly mute or turn off the device, because powering on/off requires a long button press. This device really does sound great (within the limits of its size). Bluetooth pairing is easy, and the battery runtime is excellent.

So it has eyes…maybe from a distant fire…my eyes get a mist enough already.

I’m not impressed.

Give us a better deal woot.

I’ve always been skeptical of these kinds of speakers. Not because they’re bluetooth or anything, but due to their sizes.

Do these kinda of speakers actually sound good? Do they have decent bass, or is it going to sound like a clock radio or laptop? How do they compare to, say, a modest boombox from the 80s (not the huge stereotypical ones used in Breakin’, but something reasonable)?

I have one of these (possibly an earlier model) courtesy of the Kickstarter project when they first came out. The sound is fantastic for something this size.

Bass is strong (but not overpowering), and mid-range and high tones are right where I like them to be.

Mine’s black, whereas this one is butt-ugly, but I think I’m going to buy an xmas present for a brother today…

So the review, specs, details, and pictures show a new limited edition model not yet available, only available for preorder. Additionally the price is originally 69.99 not whatever is shown on woot now. Could somebody clarify this info?

I can’t tell you why the product page says “Limited Edition” but if you look on Amazon this exact model is listed. I have the original white version from Kickstarter. And just got a mint green a few weeks ago. The original prices were $99/$119 depending on the style. They recently lowered this prices to something like $59-69.

I’m thinking of getting this one to replace my original white version.

OK so listen up Boombotix. Oh yeah you’re all cool and stuff and from Cali.

Well buddy you ain’t in Cali no more.

You think you’re a hero, but guess what?

You already know.


Okay, checked this out last night, slept on it, and yeah… I still want one. Thanks woot!