Boombotix Ultraportable Bluetooth Speakers

Three eyed jellyfish or one with a unibrow?

Neither! I’m disappointed I missed out on this for the Hieroglyphics symbol alone.

Research Del The Funky Homosapien and you will find your answer.

Got it, I am no longer connected with the cool crowd. Just an aging geek.

The Rex makes an awful, real loud and overdriven sound when powered on / off / Bluetooth connected.
Other than that pretty kewl I guess

Why is it shaped like a uterus? Who designed this? A medical lab?

Ok, I definitely did not see that. I saw a cute little creature.

Not sure about the IP rating system after looking at it on Wikipedia, but would the BB+ be waterproof enough to be suitable for a shower speaker?

no reviews on amazon sadly. Price similar if you have prime shipping