Just imagine if John Cusack had one of these in “Say Anything”. No need to stand outside with a boombox if the boombox can fly to your girl!

The only bomb you could diffuse with a No. 2 pencil. Memories…

I’d suggest for you to run, but I’d like to drop some funky beats for y’all.

Looks like someone is about to set up us the bomb.

Do I spy the cowboy from the Village People riding one of those bombs down?

So this boombox was a double decker, apparently?

I’d probably just end up wearing this shirt on my shoulder.

it’s radioactive!

So I guess old cassettes really are the bomb

Why does The Gap Band spring to mind?

sings You dropped a bomb on me…

Oh…That’s why.

since I’m both hip and with it, I assume one of those goes by the appellation ‘Phat Man’!

Double tape-decker, of course.

This is giving me Brave Little Toaster flashbacks. Just when I thought I’d gotten over my fear of household appliances…

So the Mix Tapes are cluster bombs?

Hey! I made you a mix bomb! The uranium cores were copied off the radio so the quality is kinda crappy but they describe my feelings and junk.

Reminds me of my brother’s Soundwave Transformers toy when we were young. Had the cassette tape that came out of his chest and transformed into a pterodactyl or something.

It is a deceptacon!!!


Clearly, the best bombs are the ones purchased for a quarter apiece at garage sales.