BoomStick Portable Audio Enhancer

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BoomStick Portable Audio Enhancer
Price: $54.99
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Amazon has a promo at 50% off, which brings their price to 39.44. If you have prime, then shipping is free.


Apasilla, do you have a link for the promo?

I just called up item on Amazon (link below)…
there were a ton of promo codes on that page…I chose the first that said 50% off…
[Enter code UBER0257 at checkout]
and it works at check-out…
(though I’m still undecided as to whether I think it’s worth $39.44 + tax…)

Just followed the link. Bought one for $39.44 with free shipping–Amazon Prime.

Yeah…it sounds pretty good.
I just almost never listen via headphones,
so even $39.44 might be wasteful, for ME…
but I think a nice product at a decent price
for those who use headphones a lot…

Item descriptionswritten by a 10yr old.

When connected the test showed it sounded way better with the device on than off. Maybe I am oversuspicious , but how do we know that when the device is conneted but off that it does not distorthe sound but only allows a clean pass through?

I’ve had mine since this past May (paid $90 w/shipping, ouch) and can confirm that it doesn’t hinder the sound when off. Though I wouldn’t have it connected if I weren’t going to use it. Having an extra device dangling from my phone is definitely the biggest annoyance but since it enhances sound quality so much, it’s worth putting up with. It will just cut out when the batteries die and you’ll have to switch it off to get sound to pass through again (unless you just physically disconnect it).

Thanks Wooters!
39.44 and free same day shipping!

This is well worth the money, whether using it with headphones or earbuds. I bought one back when it was a kickstarter, at full price. I’m an audiophile and I really appreciate the depth of sound that I get with this device. It makes a real difference, including when I’m flying on planes. I strongly recommend the Boomstick!

I can’t wait to try this with my IPhone 7…oh wait…

I’m using wireless ear buds with a Galaxy Wireless (I’m a singer). Do you think this would work to enhance (strengthen) the sound coming out of the receiver on my belt that feeds my ear buds?

My thought exactly! Come get some!

Also if you are in no rush to get this, can save additional $5 by selecting “No-Rush shipping” while checking out. $5 would be credited to your account on day of shipping…

It says it’s supposed to make music sound better. But I tried it with one of my sister’s boy-band CDs and nope, they still suck.

This product doesn’t really do anything you can’t already do with equalizer settings you already have.

Although on android it might be inconvenient:

Also if you don’t care about hearing damage and you already listen at max volume, you will notice that you don’t actually get base and treble boost, you get midrange cut. You will eventually notice that the sound quality might be better but max volume is quieter. Same whether you use an internal or external equalizer. (they all max out at the battery voltage which is usually the USB 5 volt limit)

Maybe a simple one button interface is worth $50 to you.