Boon Farms Grade A Maple Syrup (2)

Boon Farms Grade A 100% Pure Maple Syrup 2-Pack
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(2) - Boon Farms 100% Pure Maple Syrup, Grade A, 32oz Bottle

Any idea about the expiration date (if any)?

Is this graded as Golden, Amber, or Dark? That can make a difference in flavor.

The bottles of the same brand on Amazon say they are Grade A Dark.

I’ve had their wine, it’s colorful but not very good.

Don’t know about that. When I was young I seemed to think it was pretty good. At least until the next day.

You obviously never had their sangria. Empty about a quarter to a third of it on a long pull and top off with cheap vodka and for about 4 bucks you’re the life of the party. Do that twice in a night and you become a god, until you wake up the next morning, look in the mirror and have unexplained scabs on your face and sharpy all over your body. Not that I’m speaking from personal experience.

Costco’s Kirkland Signature Organic Pure Maple Syrup, Grade A Amber is $13/L (33.8 oz).

Grade A Amber is above Grade A Dark in the ratings, though your tastes may vary.

There is not really an expiration date as pure maple syrup is a lot like honey in that it stores for a long time. Generally you should use within one year from purchase.

The syrup being offered is grade A Dark Color, Robust taste. This is the grade preferred by most people.

If you were to weigh a quart of Boon Farms syrup it would weigh 46 ounces, not including the container. It is a generous amount.

The Boon Farms pure maple syrup is not made by the same people as Boones farm wine.

Maple syrup from Wisconsin? Really?

Get the real stuff from Vermont.

I’ll tell you my favorite syrup right now is Crown Bourbon Barrel Aged Maple Syrup. It was pricier, but man, it’s good! Found it at Costco. I think it was like $18 for a 25 oz bottle.

If you buy direct from Boon Farm right now they have almost the same prices (on sale)

I’ve lived in Minnesota and Vermont. There is little difference, the Wisconsin syrup may be a bit “nuttier.” Fun fact: Most of the stuff you find in grocery stores come from Quebec.

Regardless of what it may weigh, the volumes are the same oz/oz. I doubt there is much difference in weight.

Or Quebec.

However, while honey will never spoil, even when kept in a cupboard, maple syrup can grow bacterial colonies and become unusable once the container is unsealed, even if kept in a refrigerator. (And it does need refrigeration). I know this from personal experience.

Agreed. Wisconsin has great sugar maples. May not be as big a producer as Vermont or Quebec, but it’s one of the top. Haven’t had this brand myself, but other WI syrup has been delicious. And people in Vermont are buying this…