I was saying Boo-urns…

What a coinicidence! It’s my "boo"thday today as well!

I mean birthday.

Obviously they want some Bootles covers.

Booooo’s all around

I wouldn’t boo this band.

Obviously they’re singing the Booos.

Snirk I didn’t start the Vampire. Love it. Good job woot writers with the song title puns. This would have been fun if the back had punny tour stops for the boo band printed on it.

Given that these are ghosts, what do they sound like when they’re cheering? I mean do ghosts say anything besides boo?

i would have bought a few if the singer had an expression of understanding that in his world he’s being hailed

Little did they know it was Kurt Cobain…


Everyone hates the warm up act.

It’s like, sure, Corn Mo is fun, but we want They Might Be Giants out here NOW.

Its the Moody Boos singing “Boosday Afternoon!”

(Lynyrd Skynned)

Generally that is true. But, the first time I saw Carbon Leaf the opener was the Avett Brothers. Awesome show. The latest time was Ian McFeron. Another excellent warm-up act. CL even brought them on stage for one song.

Bring on the Mesopotamians!

Ha, great and funny design!

Is that band the Grateful Dead singing Friend of the Devil?

I hope someone made a bootleg of the show.

You’re right I’m generalising. I went to see Asian Dub Foundation once just because Soul Coughing were opening. I didn’t even stick around for the main act afterwards! :stuck_out_tongue: