Booooooo to you woot! chose a descent shipper, FedEX BLOWS!!!


ok, so i got in on the compaq computer last week, which shipped on the 8th and yesterday tracking the package told me that it was sceduled to be delivered the 12th. Up until the 12th this was the only info that showed up:

now today (13th) it is sceduled for delivery the 16th (one week to ship from TX to IL?? UPS guarentees it in 3-4!!) and this is the tracking info now:

[quote]Dec 12, 2005 9:33 PM Arrived at FedEx location CARSON, CA
Dec 8, 2005 9:08 PM Picked up IRVING, TX
7:09 PM Package data transmitted to FedEx CARROLLTON, TX [/quote]
whaat?!?! it took them 4 days to get the package from woot to the terminal in CA???
seriously, i bet even USPS could have had it here by now! this is enough B.S. to make me seriously reconsider future woots, i’m not saying i’m not going to woot anymore, it just adds a negetive point.


Wait! I’m confused??? Woot owns FedEx??? I had no idea…

I am not sure how FedEx’s mishaps are Woot’s problem. Just me though :smiley:


uhhhh no, but they choose ship with fedex… did i say woot owned fedex?

so, ignoring slhilbert’s irrelevant comment, i would like a choice in shipping options, i don’t see what woot would have to lose by offering UPS or DHL (i thought i remembered a previous woot that shipped DHL…) unless they have some sort of volume discount with fedex.


Woot has chosen FedEx, so it’s woot’s problem for choosing an inferior carrier, if FedEx is indeed inferior (I personally haven’t had any real trouble with it). Plus, since every woot ships FedEx, he’s going to have to put up with this stuff every time he purchases a woot (in theory, though it might just be an isolated screw-up), which would discourage him from buying another woot.


Right Mr. Smith.

But My sarcastic point is that, “come on, it is Fed Ex, they are a major shipper, things happen, how is that Woot’s problem?”

I have had crap get messed up with UPS, FED-EX, DHL and the USPS, so who should Woot ship with?

That’s all.


I’m just playing devil’s advocate here - no offense to you, infinitepi (but I thought pi had a finite value…). If it were a problem that happened consistently, then I’d say “screw this” too. Still, it’d be nice (if impractical) for whatever carrier woot decided to choose to be completely reliable.


dudes. cool it. it’s the holiday season–the shipping business is always slammed, and weird things like this happen. If we don’t get the computer at all, then there’s a problem. If it takes a few extra days, well… life goes on.


I’m in the same situation…Fedex has no record of ever having received the package…According to them it’s a woot issue for not getting the package to a Fedex guy.


alex, what is descent?


I have to agree. Over the years, I’ve received lots of packages from several different delivery agencies and FedEx is ALWAYS the worst to deal with. Their customer service blows.

UPS, DHL, even <sigh> USPS would be an improvement. Heck, I’d use some of the Harry Potter owls, if I could. At least those packages always find their way to the proper recipients eventually.

Having a choice of shipping companies would be a pleasant option.



none taken, and for the record, pi is not a finite number. the equation to find pi results in an infinite number of digits after the decimal point :slight_smile:


haha. no, i realize it’s the holidays, but i work in a print shop and we used to ship fedex, but crap like this was too common of an occurance, so we switched to UPS.

i didn’t mean to start a shipping holy war, but i think of all the shipping companys FedEX is not as good. their tracking information is usually inacturate (old information taking too long to post to the site) and their scheduled delivery date doesn’t mean anything. at least whne i ship with UPS they guarentee delivery in 1-5 days for ground shipments depending on the distance, and i also havn’t noticed UPS having any trouble keeping their delivery promises this season.

just my opinions… and by the way, i live in IL and since monday FedEX has been showing my package at a california terminal, though it’s “scheduled” for delivery tomorrow… we’ll see what happens


Harry Potty owls… now we are talking!

Don’t use the Weasley family owl… ha ha ha ahahha… dork!


Even incorrect knowledge? 1/3 results in an infinite number of digits after the decimal point but is a finite number. Pi is an irrational number and furthermore a transcendental number but its value is obviously bound by finite numbers: 3 < pi < 4
If you’re going to say something’s not a finite number, brush up on set theory, the construction of ordinal numbers and the progression to transfinite numbers.


thats true so i guess my definition wasn’t exactly right. the way i see it is that the base 10 representation of pi is a number that has an infinite amount of digits. my user name refers to the infinite nature of pi for example, a circle has no start or end but it can still be definedby it’s center point… wow, thats way too much math theory for one afternoon, lol. good point though.


Pi’s irrational so its representation would have infinite digits in any other base.

And a circle arguably has no start or end but its circumference has a fixed length.


Is it possible to use an irrational or transcendental number as a base? If so, how about pi in base pi?

No start or end? I thought “time” was a dimension in spacetime? Then it’s got to have a start and an end…?

Ignorance is power! [:P]


If you use a non-integer base, you run into plenty of inconsistencies.
For example, performing the subtraction “10 - 1”.


Bah! Of what consequence are petty operational difficulties, in comparison to the sheer idiocy – er, I mean, beauty – of representing pi as a rational number? Resolving inconsistencies should be left to the student as an exercise!

Ignorance is power! [:P]


Knowledge is power. Without it, you are ignorant and powerless and, in the Army, you get sent to Ft. Bliss. Ergo, ignorance is bliss.


Heh, some places have legislated pi to be a rational number.