Boots and Hikers for Hikers

I’ve got the same question about the Teva Women’s boots that I did last time. The color in these pictures is a lot different than the color of “drizzle” on Amazon. Can anyone give me an idea of which is accurate? This one seems more green/hot pink and the Amazon one looks grey and red.

I see what you’re saying, but it looks like the lighting in our pictures is just a little funky. I checked Amazon and Teva’s website. ‘Drizzle’ does appear to be the gray/red combo.

Hope this helps!

Sure would be nice if these came in men’s sizes… 7? Really?

That’s why they’re on Sellout. We’re trying to move through remaining inventory from previous sales. :slight_smile:

Just a warning - I got the Mush Atoll Ankle Boots in size 6 (I fit 5.5-6 normally) last time they were on Woot, and it is a tad tight in the stitching part that goes right over the top part of my foot.

For reference - measured from flat ground to the top of my foot is about 3 inches. This is measured at the center of my foot where the arch is (about where your ankle starts to “bend” into your foot). If your’s is any higher than that and you plan to get a size 6, it will definitely be too tight and unwearable. I haven’t yet decided to try to stretch them or just resell them on eBay.

It’s too bad because the sole is quite comfy and they would otherwise be a perfect fit.

I bought the Teva women’s Forge Pro a while back and took them on several day hikes in the Rockies last week. They performed very well and kept my feet dry. I paired them with some smart wool socks and was very comfortable. I also love the neoprene collar, in my opinion the best non-binding boot design ever.
Note: they seem to run just a tad narrow.