Booze Dogs Burger and Bratwurst Mixed Pack

Booze Dogs Burger and Bratwurst Mixed Pack

Condition: Previously Consumed

Haha/JK… actually if I were a rich man I would buy these just for giggles
Before you start bad mouthing these based on price per consider the fact that they are gourmet
Yes I know they are not inexpensive but they might be really good… just pricey?

Do yourself a favor and instead of buying this, go buy some fresh meat at a local butcher and some spirits at a liquor store. You’ll get twice as much food for half the price and it’ll be fresh instead of frozen.


Upon a careful review of the Woot sales stats, it is found that some of these dogs and burgers have been purchased by Wooters in Texas…and Pennsylvania!! And now we know (with evidence) exactly what Texans and Pennsylvanians have in common. Who knew?

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Booze & Meat?