Bora Tools: Bora-in' Again

EDIT: Nevermind. Saw it in the Specs tab. Price is for 1 clamp.

Is the 6-inch clamp price for a 2 pack (R.I.P. Tupac)? I see 2 in the pic, but not in the description, other than for the 4.5 inch clamps.
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The try square (tri square) mentions it’s SAE.
The pic shows metric markings.
I assume it’s not metric??


I’ve used these clamps for a year, and they’re good. It’s too bad this isn’t a very good deal, though.

the 6 inch clamp is $2.50 less on amazon plus free shipping if you have prime. this “deal” will cost you $7.50 more with the shipping.

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Both the clamps - 6" & 12" in specs:
“In the box: 1 ^’ etc Clamp.”

The photos are very misleading. Not a great deal IMO.