I hurt myself laughing so hard at this.

I’m not sure, is this shirt compilation (and the write-up) supposed to make me feel better or worse about the interwebz?

Why do I think this shirt will give my cat a few ideas?

I don’t get it! I feel like I’m failing at the internet.

a little ironic that I waited up until 1AM to see this. Good night.

If anyone is interested - 退屈な = Taikutsu na = boring

Someone explain this… Like in detail haha

It’s a combination of all these cat related memes:

Crazy style and I love the colors.

Amazing work! the style is fantastic, and the colors are so good!

Thanks, that helps explain this mash up.

Might be better as melon-cat, though, which makes him melancholy, which leaves him… bored.

“We can grump if we want to, we can leave our smiles behind…”

Too bad its not a lime. Not sure if that was on purpose of just fail.

Don’t forget “standing cat.”

Love this! He’s hilarious!

I find this shirt fascinating in a “what the h*ll…?” sort of way.

I purchased one for me and one for the wife. I will enjoy walking into work wearing something someone else made that will earn me laughs.

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