Borscht over Corn

Personally, I’d take the same amount that you normally do throughout the course of a woot-off and consolidate them into fewer BoC ‘events’. If you had say only 2 throughout an entire woot-off, it would give the dedicated F5 brigade a longer chance to snag one, and make bots less effective (they might snag some, but there will be enough to go around that humans can too), without actually increasing the number of them you have to ship out. :man_shrugging:

we’ve had the same complaints for as long as I can remember. Granted, we have way more customers now but the complaints haven’t changed. LOL

We’ve done that before and everyone freaks out about why there are no BOCs in the woot-off and then they leave.

Let’s face it, we can’t win. :w_tongue:

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Woot gave them to me. Pretty neat huh?




I know you guys work hard to keep everyone happy. :slightly_smiling_face: And you face an uphill battle every time. This is just .02 from someone who has watched the site change since '07.

So… “bah, change is bad”, “give me the good 'ol days”, and “get off my lawn!” :smiley:

In other words excuse my old man grumpiness.

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Have some bathroom reading from 2005:


" i finally found a good use for my highspeed 3mb connection."



Thank you for sharing, TT. I only got through 350 posts out of 4659 before I could take no more. There was way too much Ballyhoo Over Crap!

Here’s to keeping it fun! :tropical_drink:


Yeah, they’re hard to get but it’s a box of random crap anyway. And it’s always been hard to get one. For me, it’s more about the hunt and eventually snagging one that makes it fun.

The only thing I miss from ye olde days is letters. Not that I ever got one, but there was always a chance that one day I would. And it was fun to see how people reacted when a pallet of rubber ducks was dropped off at their house.

Blame people not responding to the letters, or not sharing their second haul.


Yes. Very yes. SHAME!

Is that why letters went away?



Be careful that you do not get “buttafuoco”.

Assuming that is still a thing. Back “in the day” if one refreshed too often the site would lock out your IP and show a “buttafuoco” error message. I got it once while using a home made refresher. It refreshed once per second, but I had multiple PCs running it so the site saw multiple requests per second from my IP.


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Just curious if anyone else is having to log in every time they click Buy on a BOC? I have managed several times to re-login just moments before a BOC has appeared (during this Woot Off and the previous one)
and I am still prompted to login again to buy the BOC. Using a Galaxy Note 20 Ultra if that matters.

If through the app, then yes. Amazon controls the authentication widget (login doohickey) and they have a short retention on the login info. It’s something we want to work on but they’re not easy to work with. LOL.

Does refreshing in VOP help in anyway or hurt your chances?

Ever since VOP was introduced, I have yet to win a bag of carrots and that makes me very sad.

Thanks for the explanation. Just another layer of BOC frustration to make success taste that much sweeter!

Scored a Borscht over Corn in the app. A first for me, usually I get them through a browser on a PC. Can a person resell a BOC to someone that didn’t get one? But only after I open it!

Okay, I have a serious addiction. I scored Borscht on Crackers on March 30th, so I’m not eligible for a BOC today… yet still… when I’ve seen them come up on the app today, my finger can’t help but hit the “Buy” button… of course I got VOPd, at which point I’d slap my own hand and say “bad girl!”.

What’s this fascination with borscht, anyway?

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