Borża ta Ħażin


I’m so happy to see old-style baggination again. Glad I already snagged mine this morning. Good luck folks!

FINALLY! After trying for 5 years, the bag of crap is mine!

I so knew this was coming this time, love getting bags !!!

One Borża ta Ħażin for me!

Dear God…what have I done?!

Got mines!

sweet! it’s been quite a while since i scored a bag.

good luck, everyone!

I love woots attempt to defeat the trackers, bravo for giving people more of a chance at these!

I’m ready, I’m ready, I’m ready…Wooohooo, scored one…Thank you, thank you, thank you…

Nopppppeeeee. Well at least I was here this time. Ready for crap.


Got me a Wonderful Bunch of garbage. Thanks again Woot!

Not again…3rd antechamber of doom during this woot-off.

Got sent to the antechamber of doom twice today. fml

wow I’ve never been fast enough until today for my Borża ta Ħażin

All thanks goes to mywoot for informing me via Rooster crow!

O good, another “Bag O Crap” that I got to miss. DAMN YOU WOOT! DAMN YOU TO HELL!

Bah, died in the chamber :frowning:

Dang! So close!

Finally… Of course my boss walks in right when I’m buying it and I’m non-chalantly purchasing a bag in front of his face while he looking directly at it.