Bosch 12V Li-Ion Compact Jobsite Radio

Bosch 12V Li-Ion Compact Jobsite Radio

So, this is a Bosch PB120 12-Volt Max Lithium-Ion Compact AM/FM Radio with MP3 Player Connection Bay except without the 12-Volt Max Lithium-Ion, correct? Doesn’t that make it NOT a Bosch PB120 12-Volt Max Lithium-Ion Compact AM/FM Radio with MP3 Player Connection Bay for $39.99 but just a regular Bosch PB120 12-Volt Max Compact AM/FM Radio with MP3 Player Connection Bay for $39.99? And if you want the Lithium-Ion battery supply you’ll probably pay more for it than the radio itself costs?


Well, sure, if you put it that way…


Woot, there needs to be an orange “Hey, you there!” box indicating that this device does NOT come with a battery. It’s presented as being used on a job site. A lot of job sites don’t have electricity.

This is meant as an add-on for someone who already uses the Bosch 12V Li-Ion portable system of products (they would already have batteries and charger).

If you want to buy this as a stand alone unit and don’t want to use the provided AC adapter you’ll need a $53.70 battery and charger

This is getting to be too common here on woot. A few days back they had a deal on a 3 tool set of lithium ion tools. You got the carry bag & 3 tools but 0 batteries and no charger. The charger and pictured batteries when purchased separately would have cost more than the tools, and nearly as much as the same set sold elsewhere with batteries. Really, at some sites it seems you buy batteries and chargers and they toss in tool for free…
Sort of like a lot of printers these days: printer initial price = $60, but a set of cartridges (color & black) to keep it printing will cost you $50. HELLO! You can thank Mr. Gillette for coming up with this marketing concept - he gave away his razors, but was the only source for blades that would fit into it…

Just as an example, battery alone is $33, - or you could get a battery and charger combo for $54.

Easy to sell a $120 rechargeable jobsite radio for only $40 when you leave the $55 battery and charger out.

But apparently everybody is doing this now. The cached web pages from a year ago had batteries & chargers, those sites now have no memory of that and all show batteries sold separately.

I’m guessing the batteries were actually made in China, and with Mr. Trumps 25% VAT (he calls it a tariff, but since we end up paying it I call it what it is - a tax to punish Americans for buying things made in China) is cranking up the impost costs to where they have to sell them separately…

Tariff = Wall
Promise made, promise kept. (Sorta, kinda.)

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Yes, I understand all that, but what about the Russians?

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No built-in 8-track player? I’m out.


JarOKnowledge- Either you’re a Liberal or you don’t understand economics and global currency, but be assured (I the case of China) the tariffs are NOT a direct tax on you! Maybe a little less MSM, and a little more textbooks! :laughing:

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Import tariffs are paid by the importer – not the exporter.

Article: What is a tariff and who pays it?