BOSCH 4817 Evolution 17" All-Season Beam Wiper Blade

Bosch Evolution blades are really nice
and this is really a great price.
Wipe those bugs and rain away.
Clear off that splattered Blue Jay.
A great deal at twice the price.

Is this wiper a “left” or “right” blade? I’ve only bought either a matched set or one or the other.

Some of today’s cars use the same blade on each side if they are the same length side to side. What year, make and model is your vehicle?

“Models 4816 thru 4828 are Universal Blades that fit the J-Hook Connector. These do not come with adapters.” One must always read the fine print.

I know it says adapters not included, but I am wondering if I even need an adapter. I have a 2007 Nissan Altima that has the J-Hook arm on it. Seems to me like these will still work fine for me, right? Just want to make sure before I buy them.

The Altima has a 17" blade on the passenger side and a 28" on the driver’s side. If you have the J-hook arm the correct length wiper should work fine. Part numbers 4817 and 4828.

Yeah, that’s what I was figuring. The only part that worried me was the adapter talk.

You need a blade of the correct size. They do not sell ‘left’ or ‘right’ blades. It depends on what size your car takes. Typically - the drivers side is larger than the passenger.