BOSCH 4828 Evolution 28" All-Season Beam Wiper Blade

Would anybody happen to know if these wipers are cut to fit?

Cut to fit? I dont think anyone does that anymore. I asked an old timer working at Autozone about a year ago If he knew where I could get the wiper rubber refills to replace my frame style summer blades and he told me good luck finding some. I did find them at the Woot Mothership though.

Last time I bought these I swear the packaging said NAPA and I was not happy.

They did not come with the correct or any for that matter for my 2012 Ford Focus. Now I have to make a trip to the auto parts store. Kinda disappointed .

In the specs:
“Models 4816 thru 4828 are Universal Blades that fit the J-Hook Connector. These do not come with adapters.”