Boska Holland Mini Barbeque



Boska Holland Mini Barbeque
$14.99 + $5 shipping
PRODUCT: 1 Boska Holland Mini Barbeque
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I’m waiting to see what the Wine Spectator rating is on this. :tongue:


at first i was confused why this is on wine.woot, but then i see its tied to cheese…


wow, totally stumped on this one


You will be waiting a long time. :stuck_out_tongue:


Does this come with mini oak barrels for us to toast? Part of a larger DIY wine making kit?


Smokey Joe ripoff. Granted, the real thing costs twice as much, but it’s the real thing.


No mini raclette pans to go along with this (as seen on the packaging)?



Does it have vents in the bottom of the kettle like the Smokey Joe?


I’m sure there’s a “Not Included” somewhere on that box.




I don’t get the correlation!?!?!? Olives and spices maybe, but a hibachi?


I think those are vents.


What’s the drinking age on this?

W T H is going on around here?


Oh come on. How many times have you heard that a wine goes great with a grilled steak or chops. With this, you are ready to go on that picnic and pair the right food with your wine!


Cheese Barbeclette with a really cheezy video.


OK, I get it. It’s a Thunderbird decanter.


PLEASE tell me no one from WOOT! in Texas called this grill a Barbeque !


We live in a neighborhood with an association. Some might say, with justification, that that is a pretty stupid thing to do because all it takes is one stupidhead neighbor charring his patio for the authoritarian types who live for control over all and sundry to ban all charcoal burning devices. They assume that all of us are stupid and will eventually do the same. Perhaps they are right. After all we chose to live under an HOA; not exactly a brilliant decision…

So sorry, Woot!, no purchase for me today ‘cause I stupidly live in a place where the actions of stupid people are used by powermad people to wrest away Prometheus’ gift to our ancient ancestors.

We no longer have fire. Even Zeus and his cohorts could not take the mighty gift of the Titans from us. That took a homeowners’ association.