Boska Holland Mini Cheese Raclette

Boska Holland Mini Cheese Raclette
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This may sound dumb but, what exactly is a raclette?

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But why do I want one?

So this is like a knock off Salamander? Hmm… reminds me of a toy I had as a kid.


nom nom nom nom.

-noun Swiss Cookery
a dish made by heating a piece of cheese, as over a hearth, and scraping off the melted part onto a plate: served with boiled potatoes.
the cheese used in making this dish.


Raclette is Raclette cheese, but you can use anything that melts with this. Only time I’ve tried it, we served it with antipasti-like ingredients: proscuitto, olives, etc.

Some info:

And of course, the foundation is potatoes.

According to Wikipedia, it is both a type of cheese and a dish where they melt the cheese and serve it with vegetables, meat, and other things.

Ok, they’ve got recipes. I’m still trying to understand why I wouldn’t just top something with cheese and put it under the broiler.

Woot is reading my mind! Just yesterday my wife and I had a conversation about how much we wanted a Raclette maker but it would be ideal if we could get a small one. I didn’t know they existed until now. Emphatically in for one!

I think of them like adult easy bake ovens. They are kinda fun with a couple close friends. This one might be too small for more than a couple people.

I know this is a dumb question, but why do you want one? What will you do with it? (Please don’t say “melt cheese.”)

For those who aren’t familiar with raclette, it’s a lot like fondue. It is served at the table. You lay the ingredients on a tray and cook them under the broiler to melt the cheese. The portion size is great for potatoes, french bread or anything else that you would like to top with delicious melted cheese, bacon, etc. It’s fun, delicious and not at all good for you.

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It’s basically fondue, but instead the cheese is “scraped” off of the containers… the French verb “racler” meaning "to scrape, thus the name “raclette”

Also it is used to cook other items besides heating cheese…

Cited here

a Raclette Recipe from Epicurious…

This blog post talks about the blogger’s first experience with raclette. It almost makes me want one, but I don’t think I need another reason to eat more cheese and starchy vegetables.

That is an excellent question! It’s actually a type of cheese. This refers to a particular way the cheese is prepared. You bake one side of the cheese (typically the whole roll of cheese is just placed in front of a heater) and scrape off the crunchy melty layer onto a plate. You then mash potatos and/or steamed veggies (broccoli and carrots are pretty good) into it and chow down.

This tends to be a social thing where you chat while it crisps up and people take turns eating some of the cheese.

You’re gonna want to drink alot though, because if you don’t the cheese hardens inside of you worse than fondue) and you will have some trouble passing it. It’s no problem though if you are well imbibed!

Exactly, What Is Raclette Cheese? is explained by the wiseGeek…

You convert solid cheese into MOLTEN CHEESE LAVA XTREME!

My favorite way of serving up MCLX involves rolling ~2 ounces of cheese and a dollop of spicy brown mustard up in a tortilla and tossing it onto a dry cast iron griddle on the stovetop, let it char ever-so-slightly, and flip it off onto a cookie rack to cool slightly. Eat while the next one is cooking; repeat indefinitely.

Gloves or spatulae are cheating. I usually make it almost through a pound of cheese (and a couple burnt fingers) before I start cheating.

Frak it, Woot is making me hungry; I think I’m gonna go burn some cheese. And I don’t think I’ll buy this – don’t them yurro-peon furrners know how to use a plain ol’ griddle?!