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Boska Holland Mini Cheese Raclette [New] - $24.99 + $5 shipping shipping

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Seriously…really…I would have rather bought a Woot Monkey in a bottle.

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Reviews are really good over at amazon, and about half the price ($44.99)

WOOT folks,

Is this 220V compatible (dual voltage)? We live in Europe. Nothing is better than strolling the Christmas markets in Germany while eating raclette and drinking gluhwin!

The photo of the box lists 120V in the lower right hand corner. As the manufacture, Boska Holland, sells both a 120V and a 220V version, I wouldn’t count on it working in a 220V environment.

Good eye! Thanks!

So… This is just a European hot plate, right? Broil with the little pan thingies and “griddle” on top? This could replace my recently purchased (and still returnable) $5 Target toaster oven…

I’ve used these in Europe with friends. They are great for keeping eating social. Oh, and really fun. We melted cheese over potatoes and ham and veggies.

it is called raclette because raclette is a name of a cheese that you can purchase in france (i have seen it at trader joe too). You used to (before the fancy gismos) scrape the cheese (racler therefore raclette) from a hunk of cheese melting.
The idea is to have different type of lunch meats when you eat this dish. This is of course too small for a party, most raclette machine will accomodate 4 or 6 ustensils.
My korean friends use kimchi when eating raclette and it is fabulous.

As one who does not partake in moldy milk, I’m wondering if it would work with something a little more desirable, like chocolate?

This would look really nice next to my Farberware rotessiere broiler, and my Cuisinart food processor; and my French mandarin slicer, and my DeLongi toaster oven, artisen 20" round butcher block with $600 knives _blah _blah _blah…


Well, I’m in for one. It seems the kids would have fun dipping their veggies while hubby and I swill our wine. For noobs like me, who need simple ideas on what to cook on it, here ya go…

Like fondue?

Why yes, yes I do.
Although fondue traditionally has wine and some other business in it and this is just melty cheese.