Boska Holland Mini Cheese Raclette

Shouldn’t this have gone on the main woot page?!

Boska Holland Mini Cheese Raclette
$24.99 + $5 shipping
PRODUCT: 1 Boska Holland Mini Cheese Raclette

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I like cheese. Not buying this, though.

I have a George Foreman grill and a “sandwich press” which will do the job this does and more.

Side Question: Was this site down for like 15 minutes for everyone else as well?

They had the infamous “Bag of Crap” on the main woot site. So everyone overwhelms the server trying to get in on it.

Chile con queso would probably be hard to make on this. I sort of don’t get it. Now a Sous Vide machine I get a cheese melter not so much.

lol, friggin woot filters…

“B A G OF C R A P”

Yup. Must have been waiting for the cheese to melt.

[That said, I’m in for 2! I have had real Swiss Raclette and it is pretty fun. Great way to have both fat AND carbs, and yet feel that you are having natural fresh foods!]

what the f?

They had those good CA pistachios on the main woot today, and now this crap here…

I love raclette. Lovely melty cheese over toasted bread. Yummy.

I’m still trying to figure out what it does…

These things are really popular in Europe (where we first saw them). Our kids have fun using this, and we are getting another one because one means our family of four (plus a guest or two) gets impatient waiting for a space to open up. Don’t forget to eat pickles with all that cheese!

We call that a Grilled Cheese Sandwich in America.

Even more than cheese and bread. Have a look at the Wikipedia article at:

to get an idea of what this does.

Yeah, I gave up on the B.0.C. a long time ago. I have tried the “Auto-buy” programs, just waiting patiently, etc. and nothing ever works. Woot Servers = F@IL

Then I see people on the Woot boards that have purchase upwards of 20 B.0.C. and it just further ticks me off.

Yes, the pickles are key. Tecnhically, you want “cornichons.” They are very small pickles, crisp and, um, delicious. This provides the salt to go along with the fat and carbs. How could anyone resist?

Christmas gift! One of my friends raved about a meal of melted cheese she had on vacation in Quebec. Going to have a nice surprise for her.

I got one a couple years back. Haven’t really tried to hard since, but when I see it, I spam the server too! :slight_smile: