Boska Holland Mini Cheese Raclette

“# Enjoyable for dinners, a quick snack, camping or for a picnic”

I don’t really think that eating cheese from an electric cheese melter qualifies as camping.

Is it just me … or is this just another way of doing fondue … except without the ability to cook meats?

From Wikipedia: “Raclette (pronounced /rəˈklɛt/) is both a type of cheese and, informally, a dish featuring this cheese.” (someone linked there earlier)

Additionally, folks have taken to using the term for a variety of melted cheese dishes. Here’s a primer that includes many cheeses that are easy to find in America.

Here’s an entry at about the cheese itself. Note that the whopping 45% (and higher!) fat content of the French version makes it one of the most filling foods in the world.

My boss is from France and had my girlfriend and I over for a “raclette party” with 6 other people. They had a huge 12 person raclette set. They cooked potatoes and had all kinds of lunch meats.

We sliced open the potatoes, put on whatever meats you want, then poured French raclette cheese on it. Delicious!

I bought one of these from one of the woot sites because my girlfriend loved the party we attended. It’s not as cool or social but makes for a cute date night. I cooked small slices of beef tenderloin on the top and it worked out pretty well (my boss used the top of hers to keep the potatoes warm).

Hopefully this will be followed by some great cheez.

Hopefully this will be followed by some wine or wine-related products.

It’s probably great at what it does, but, unlike a Foreman grill, this isn’t very versatile, is it? It reminds me of the commercial with the guy showing off his very-extra-special, limited edition chestnut roaster of which he is oh-so-proud. :wink:

Shouldn’t this be on Woot? Sell the cheese for it here. And the wine. :slight_smile:

/whine lol

Every winter French grocery stores stock packages of sliced raclette cheese, which always makes me think of Velveeta (though raclette is pale yellow, not neon orange). It’s become quite popular, probably because it’s easy to do and has most of the kid appeal of fondue but with less mess.