Boska Holland Mini Cheese Raclette

Well, I said in the Vinturi one that if my arm was twisted, I could be convinced to buy one of these. I’m nothing if not a man of my word. In for 1.

looks like your the only one too…

Cheese Raclette–Winning…Duh!

WI just wanted to sassy that I bought one of these a couple of woots ago and couldn’t be happier with it. A couple of notes:

-it’s really only large enough for two people. If you’re thinking “i can make it work”, you really can’t
-getting actual raclette cheese is important. “regular” cheeses will not melt right and possibly burn. Check your local whole foods market. The domestic version of the cheese (from wisconsin) is much cheaper and still awesome
-some suggestions for meats etc. - armour sausages, mushrooms, potatos, rolled up deli meats like salami, roast beef, turkey. Uncooked sausage SOUNDED great, but took forever to cook. I’d recommend using precooked meats.

Enjoy it, it’s awesome and a lot of fun!

I was going to say the same thing.

Why is it that every time I sleep during a woot off, I look back at all the cool stuff I could have had?

The one time I work a night shift, the gears grind to a screeching halt.

Can anyone speak to the suitability of this product as a wedding and/or engagement gift? Thanks

So it won’t work with velveeta and hot dogs?

I can’t speak for velveeta, but the hotdogs would be awesome

hmmm… I am getting married soon and my initial reaction is I would find someway to go back in time and uninvited. BUT then again. My fiancee and I drink wine and have cheese for our nights in and this would be cool. So I would never buy it, but as a gift… You have a go.

Bonsoir raclette, see you in 8 hours.

After reading about this thing on Amazon, and the more I look at it, I might just have to buy one. It would go great with my cheez whiz and my 2011 ripple blanc.

We discovered “Raclette” when we lived in France and Belgium and have had several European and US versions of this wonderful cooking device. Our most memorable meals have come from gathering around the raclette–sipping wine, melting cheese, grilling shrimp and veggies. Now that we are empty nesters, this 2-person version is just too perfect to pass up. Be sure to buy the right kind of cheese–“Raclette” cheese is usually available at Trader Joes!

@straydog1980 looks like they still had plenty on the shelf and took @Greshmahg comment to heart. figured they would sell at least one… which is probably all this will sell…

Does anyone know if this thing has a nonstick surface? As in Teflon as in ptfe and I can’t use it in my house? Because if not i reaaaaalllly want one!

Yes, nonstick I believe.

Bought one last time. Great for one or two people. If you have cheese and bread, you have a quick but tasty meal. I like to toast the bread first. So far my favorite cheese to use is gouda. Fontina is good but too mild, edam is pretty good, havarti gets too oily. Haven’t used actual raclette cheese yet.


haha, this is practically the definition of “crap you don’t need”

haha, this is practically the definition of “crap you don’t need”

After waiting for seemingly a day and a half for the venturi to go away…next is the raclette?
Please send the forklift a little deeper into the warehouse for some WINE…thanks

I didn’t miss much while I slept.