Boska Holland Mini Cheese Raclette

Boska Holland Mini Cheese Raclette
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PRODUCT: 1 Boska Holland Mini Cheese Raclette

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Wait, what?
Can someone explain this function a little more, do you use the top as an electric grill for like hot dogs and the bottom to warm cheese for a sauce?

Wow, twice the price and 5 stars from 8 people at Amazon…

Make it go away… I want (need) more

Well…no. The top doesn’t produce enough heat to grill dogs, but the bottom is used to melt cheese in their teflon-ish little containers, so you can melt it and then pour it over your hot dog…that you cooked somewhere else. Watch the video:

Do people really sit at PC waiting for the WOOT.OFF to change???

You don’t?


If you have to ask, you must not understand. We have no life…except this (ha…ha…ha).

Yup… or I keep my phone with me and check… I have no life, what can I say?

  1. All Day

  2. Mini Raclette = Awesome!!! I can’t wait for it to get here. MMMMM metly burnt cheese, and only melty burnt cheese.