Boss Hog Honey BBQ Rubbed Bacon

For real. Bacon?

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Boss Hog Honey BBQ Rubbed Bacon
$9.99 + $5 Two-Day Shipping
Condition: New

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You have been oinked.

Atleast it’s not a tablet…

Sweet woot logo update! Hope it stays there for the duration of the woot-off!

OMG Bacon!

Now we all see the significance of the latest survey question.

Aw, man. A woot-off tonight? I have to be up early tomorrow! :frowning:

At least the games have begun with what might be a woot-off killer.

LOL, not exactly sure I would trust getting bacon shipped to me :smiley:

Is this just going to be two days of bacon? I don’t understand what’s going on here.

It’s all about the oink

You mean SportWoot and HomeWoot aren’t participating in the Bacon theme?


Tis the start of the bacon woot-off… not sure if I should be excited or confused or disappointed that we’re getting a woot off called a bacon woot-off or not. Any chance they actually bothered to fix the servers to allow us to have a decent crappo de baggo?

I miss the old Woot, back pre-Amazon, when they actually sold neat things worth owning.

Bacon? Really???

Welcome to the Bacon Woot-Off!

rubbed - for your pleasure

I received a WOOT Email saying Goodbye Bacon so why is it here.

At least the condition is New and not Refurbished… I don’t think I could handle Refurbished bacon.

$15 for a pound of bacon sounds awfully expensive. I’d think you’d be better off going to your local meat market (or even grocery store).