Boss Hog Honey BBQ Rubbed Bacon

not fair woot, i did not eat lunch!!

$10 a pound. LOL

Wow, $10 a pound for bacon? Am I missing something?

If I don’t receive a full pound of bacon, I’m starting a riot.

Package label says to refrigerate, yet Woot is shipping it 2-day FedEx. Even packed in ice, it will go bad.

Not if it’s dry ice.

It says new, but we’ve all seen it before… How do we know it’s not really refurbished?

Wont this SPOIL During shipment? I usually by Bacon and its in the COld Section of the Grocery

Seriously? $10 for a pound of bacon? And that is 50% off. No wonder woot has a bunch of these. Nobody in their right mind would pay $20 for a pound of bacon. Oh…you want bacon rubbed with bbq. You can get the dry rub bbq seasoning at any grocery store.

Well, according to WOOT! this is 1/2 off list? So $20/lb…am I missing something?

Picture says, “Refrigerate after opening”.

Bacon is a cured meat product, and it is vacuum sealed. No, it won’t spoil, it’s what makes bacon bacon.

This Bacon is smoke cured so it can arrive with out cold packs. Unless you have had this type of bacon you can not understand why it cost so much. A pound of this bacon lasts for almost a month in my Fridge. These are not injected with water so when you fry them they only shrink about 10% so each 1-2 thick slices will be enough for 1 person. The smoky flavor and smell gives your home a scent that stays in your home all day long

The only thing I don’t like about this bacon is that it doesn’t qualify for the $5 All You can Ship.