Boss Industrial 7 or 5 Ton Electric Log Splitter

Which model is it? It says “Model EC7T20 5 Ton” and the description says “or” but there are no choices. Is it random?

It’s the 5 ton that’s for sale. I’ve asked someone to update the sale to remove reference to the 7 ton. Sorry for the confusion.

EC5T20 - 5 Ton
1.8 HP Electric motor
One handed operation
Highly portable, can fit in the truck of most cars
Automatic ram return

I can fit in the truck of my car too. :stuck_out_tongue:
I’m sorry, I had to. :’)

:tongue: I don’t see that mistake.

What diameter logs can it split?

Got one of these a few Woot’s ago. Happy with my purchase.
Light enough to move around the yard with its wheels; I don’t think it weighs 104 pounds, unless I’m a lot stronger than I think I am!
I have been able to split 12-14 inch diameter oak logs easily; sometimes requires you to run the log through twice to get both sides, but it does the job well. The limiting factor on this is more the size (length) of the log, not the available power (tonnage) of the splitter.

Per the Boss site:

Max Splitting Length 20.5 in
Max Splitting Diameter 10 in

s it 110 volt or 220 and how many amps does it pull at peak power?

Here’s the manual. Looks like you’re questions might be answered there?