Boston Acoustic Soundbars

Umm…how is this a deal when Amazon has them for $30 cheaper new??

I purchased the Soundware XS Digital Cinema speakers a couple months ago (from woot). These speakers will blow your mind! AMAZING sound coming from these small speakers.

The speakers connect through wires to the sub and they are very long wires (not wireless which is what I though xD) and there is a control pod that lights up and you can control the settings with it (volume, Bluetooth settings, on/off button etc.) One nob on the back of the sub to control the output. Also did I mention it does Bluetooth!? Awesome…
Hope this was helpful a little bit! :sweat_smile:

I purchased Boston Acoustics TVee 26 Soundbar with Wireless Subwoofer a few months back. Perfect. I have it in a small den and it’s actually way more power/sound then I need. But an incredible improvement over the TV’s speakers. The sound is clear. It fits w/ my 32" TV. Easy to hook up. I’m happy.

Can the volume of the subwoofer be raised or lowered independently from the bar itself?


On my tvee 26 it can. I believe all of them should have it. Its the rotary knob in the pictures.