Boston Acoustics 200W 2.1 Computer Speaker System

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New Boston Acoustics 200W 2.1 Computer Speaker System, for $49.99 + $5 shipping
Product: 1x Boston Acoustics MM226 Midnight 200W 2.1 Computer Speaker System

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For Phish Phans only…

These have good reviews over at Amazon

This is definitely not for people who put any emphasis on style. The tupperware-lookalike subwoofer is a fashion crime.

Then again, they don’t sound bad, so if you’re broke and want something that still livens up the dorm, go for it.


price is ok, but not something that would make me jump on this deal. I’m waiting for T40s to come down to 75 or so

1100w dynamic output on that sub huh? Crazy how they can fit so much power into such a small enclosure these days :wink:

“Where you get that from, the toilet store?”

Seriously that subwoofer looks like a middle school project.

is it just me or does that look like some kinda cross between a mini heating oven with a temperature knob and some kinda tupperware.

Completely agreed. When I first looked at the new Woot at sellout, I really thought they were selling tupperware. NO KIDDING! LMAO

So did I! This would totally throw off my computer desk decoration scheme; however, it’d give me a great podium to showcase my wootoff purchases!
Sadly, this is a pass: I already have 3 too many sound systems, and this one looks embarassing, despite the name, features, and performance.

I didn’t quite think tupperware. I thought take-out styrofoam box.

Does this take up alot of room on your desk? From the looks of the picture, it looks like a monster.

Sub Woofers are meant to be heard, not seen.

Serious question.

Is it better to have your subwoofer bigger than your speakers?

Or does it not really make a difference?

Sub Woofers are designed to sit on the floor only, far away from the source.

Price is more than okay. Compare it!

Really, who cares what the sub looks like? It will be a vibrating foot rest mostly, not a sleek new addition to my avant-garde statuary collection. Think people.

Size is not really the issue here. A Sub Woofers power and loudness should be relative to the power and loudness of main speakers.