Boston Acoustics 5 piece Speaker System


Monday, January 16, 2006


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Hey, look! It’s the BA4800 User Manual in PDF form from Boston Acoustics!

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[]p1, jekylltech finds three solid reviews
]p2, bsteggeman “has a set of these…They’re not bad”
[]p2, Royaloliver wants everybody to know that “Boston Acoustics does not disclose the power specifications of their speakers”
]p3, shaoul posits an anthropological explanation for male online buying
[*]p3, Lazarus2 goes on at length about various speaker-related topics


Awesome! I’m in.


Boston Acoustics 5 piece Speaker System
$59.99 + $5 shipping
condition: New
product(s): 1 Boston Acoustics 5pc Speaker System - BA4800

This is the WOOT way to start the week. I have been waiting for speakers to come around again.


ohh, I might make this my fist woot…hmmm


Not for me, but a really nice woot!! Got a nice Panasonic setup.




looks pretty cool… I think Im gonna have to pick some up


effin terrific woot!

review 1

review 2
review 3 (74.99 +ship) all 5/5 star review


Nice. Great price


cool, kinda space alien looking.


$60 for Boston Acoustics? I’ve died and gone to audiophile heaven!!


75.00 bucks on Amazon. Seems like most people like it. I’m still waiting on a SATA drive though…


if this is not 4.1 / 5.1 etc why so many speakers? current owners pl post some reviews. I need some speakers for my PC and will buy this if this is good.


Not bad. I would grab 'em if I didn’t already have a logitech 5.1

I had a 2.1 Boston set a few years back and I loved them. Great company, great speakers. If you have the money and need 'em, this is the way to go.


New Bose 5.1 speakers for 60 bucks? Killer woot, but I don’t need it.


Favorable review. Bit dated, it’s 4.1 surround. Good for desk listening, not so great for audiophiles or technofetishists. Better than my system. I’m considering.


remember, like the monster set, they’re “surround” but only distribute a stereo signal. i have a set of these from way back when and they sound awesome still. get 'em!


Very nice. I’ve heard (no pune intended) that these have great quality… but my boses are better. Price on Amazon is $75 (if anyone is curious)