Boston Acoustics CR65 Bookshelf Speakers


Boston Acoustics CR65 Bookshelf Speakers
$149.99+ $5 shipping

1 Boston Acoustics CR65B Bookshelf Speakers (pair)


Are these any good?


anyone knows if this is good?


for a woot tihs solid… useful linkage of comparison engines for this woot could be key… enjoy… or not… same difference to me… hehe… … … p.s. for those who were on the board at zero hour, that was disgusting… let’s not let that happen ever again… we gotta start whoopin’ these yicky guys


I’d rather just save what two pair of these would cost and spend it on a nice pair of Def Techs.


I love a product description that includes the term, “Wicked retahded.”


Good speakers. I have no where to use them, but I like BA speakers.


“Listening To The Idiot” - I thought that was what woot-casts were all about. Poor, ignorant me!


thats gross, but i was just talking about a new shelf system for my room, too bad its not the whole system, goodnite all, no woot for me tonight


i stayed up for this, my surround sound is just fine thank you very much! good night


So I guess these are to go with the center channel from a few weeks ago? Anyone know if they are a good pairing?


Boston Acoustics… superb name. If people can afford them, I see these being sold out.


How would 2 sets of these work in a 5.1 system? I got the BA center speaker a few weeks ago…



What a newb spamming the goatse pictures.

I must say Boston speakers sound awesome! I have a pair of bostons (not these) that have the most amazing sound ever. I wish i had the extra $$$ to spend


thanks for the “balloon knot” shot, i just threw up in my mouth! back to the speakers though, i bought the Boston Acoustics center channel that woot had a few weeks ago and it was defective. so i have to say…these are on the same list. night night.


The Frequency response is not so hot. Low end of 65 Hz, expected better of Boston Acoustics. Maybe it’s just those yankees have no hearing in the low end range.


So any wooter reviews on these speakers?


Um… W.T.F? Somebody needs to wield the ban stick and quickly.

FWIW, I have these same speakers and use them as the rear (don’t read too much into this) channels for my 6.1 and they sound awesome. BA makes nice speakers. Good Woot.


would be nice if they were powahed. still prabably a good deal for high end-ish bookshelf speakas.