Boston Acoustics CRC 2-Way Center Channel Speaker



Did any wooters win the Mega Millions Jackpot?!?

Froogle Link Minimum Price $99.97

Yahoo! Shopping Link Minimum Price $88.00

Shopzilla Link Minimum Price $99.97

Amazon Customer Review Link Average Review 5/5 Stars (1 Review)

Manufacturer Page


ranked all the comparison sites for this woot… after yesterday’s 2-fer, this woot is like hittin’ the mega millions… sorta… not really… not bad.


This needs an amplifier, right?


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Boston Acoustics CRC 2-Way Center Channel Speaker
$59.99 + $5 shipping
condition: New
product(s): 1 Boston Acoustics CRC 2-Way Center Channel Speaker


baseball? zzzzz… never got past the first paragraph. lol


Awww… I thought it said Bose Acoustics. I was about to buy it. Never heard of Boston Acoustics.

Wow, I guess it is hard to show sarcasm on the internet. I should have put /sarcasm at the end of the sentence. I hate Bose. The system I bought from them stopped working, and the audio quality is alright.


Meh that’s one speaker, would’ve rather had the woofer.


If you’ve already bought a decent system, then this is pure, unadulterated kipple.


boston makes good stuff love their car stereo componets. but i already have surround sound


why only a center channel? why not the whole set? is this one speaker man enough to cover all of my audio needs, or is it a common complaint that center channels that come in sets are woefully lacking, hence boston acoustics comes rushing to our rescue with sixty bucks worth of centery goodness?


This is a good woot on Froogle its 99.97 $ so u saving pretty good. :slight_smile:


Might want to do a little research. Especially if you’re that enamored of Bose.


Yeah, tl;dr


Here’s the manufacturer’s page!

I’ll pass for tonight, but not a bad woot at all.


I don’t have a need for this one, but I can tell you… Boston kicks booty. I went a few years ago to a national dealer of high end audio video products with the intent to buy Bose. After hearing Boston, I spent $3000.00 on their speakers. Boston started as a movie theater speaker company and moved into the home market. They make kick butt speakers!!!


one crappy (5 star tho) review on amazon, oh and they are selling it for $99


Rut Roh. Woot podcast link is broken! I need my fix!


Um…Boston Acoustics is one of the bigger names in Hi-Fi components.