Boston Acoustics Soundbars

Got a TVee 25 off of woot a couple of years ago and it was a refurb that would cut out after 30 minutes of use. Some resistor would overheat and cause the sub to gradually cut out so if you watch a movie, it would start sounding great and then by the end you were just hearing the soundbar. Couldn’t get any support so I ended up selling it at a garage sale and spending $199 on a mid-range Vizio soundbar/sub setup and I absolutely love it. Not to say my Boston Acoustics setup didn’t sound good when it worked, but I wouldn’t buy BA again.

Well, my luck with refurbs hasn’t been any better than buying things new so I’m in for one. The TVee 26 model (reviews are for new, not refurb) has good reviews on amazon except for the folks with directv who can’t get remote to sink.

One of the reviews does a good job explaining the difference between models 25 and 26.

Don’t bother.
I did and like most people it seems from reading every time they reappear on Woot I got a unit which worked for a few weeks and then didn’t. Customer service was basically none existent. You bought a refurb? Then pay more to have it fixed than to buy a decent alternative …NEW.
Frankly it’s about time Woot stopped rolling out this poor quality refurb stuff. I doubt I’m alone in saying my spend has dropped hugely because of the amount of poor deals that keep resurfacing.
Always read the comments before you buy!

I had been looking for a decent sound bar for a while and had settled in on Boston Acoustics when I found this deal. I was between the TVee One and TVee 26 and ended up going with the one for the larger sub, regardless of the negative comments about buying refurbished. I finally got the time to hook it up to my tv (which only took a few minutes) and had no problems at all. The sound was an awesome upgrade from my 32" TV’s sound system and the sound bar worked for the entire time I watched (probably 3-4 hours.)

Just wanted to post in here in case this is ever sold in the future, that way people aren’t discouraged by the previous comments. I am not saying they aren’t valid, as with every refurbished item there is a small risk, but I am definitely happy with both the quality of the product and the quality of the sound. I would recommend the TVee 26 to anybody looking for an upgrade to a system built into their TV.