Boston Acoustics Soundbars

I already have one of these and it has great sound. Much better then the Sony.

Good to know, thanks! Is it one of these models?

I did around six hours of research on these the last time these went around. DEFINITELY aim for the Tvee26. The other tvee models are pretty riddled with all sorts of issues, and don’t have Dolby surround sound or anything. The tvee10 is still a decent choice, however.
I purchased the Tvee26, and I absolutely adore it. It’s refurbished, but appears brand new. Excellent sound.

(Make sure you have something with an optical cable or RCA inputs! They don’t connect by HDMI!)

My TVee 26 arrived today. Was missing the battery for the remote… :frowning:

Sound is good, no sub wifi issues, though the plastic on the soundbar had a couple scuffs… but it’s a refurb. Biggest issue was getting the TV remote to work - after pressing the power button and the volume up button for 3 secs or so, I got the flashing lights, but was then confused by the included directions. You must press the button on the soundbar of the feature you want to program first, then press the button on the remote 4 times… then it worked like a charm. Still working on trying to get the speakers on my Panasonic plasma to turn off and keep the soundbar active - might be something I have to live with.

You might check their support site to see if there’s a FAQ that will help or an email to them to ask your questions. BA has participated in the threads in past sales of these are seemed really helpful.