Bott-les Miserables

I must love drinking. Bought the 2 Stanley travel mugs with the cup lid to give to my bf for Christmas. He uses them everyday, and loves that even 12 hours later the coffee in them is still warm. Only downfall is that they aren’t dishwasher safe.

I bought the pink water bottles for myself and it’s an easy way to keep track of how much I have been drinking, although, I got 2 for $4. Would much rather got the 6 pack, then I could just throw them in the dishwasher instead of having to wash the 2 I have every night.

Will this fit in a bike clip? I’m looking for a way to get my coffee to work when I ride in.

Yes it will

I dreamed a dream of bottles on woot!, I dreamed they were filtered for drinking. I dreamed that they would be real cheap, I dreamed that they would come in many colors…

Still wish they would put up the sigg thermos 0.75 L for sale… These are just so small! :frowning:

According to the internet, bottles made of anything cause deadly cancer. That’s why I only use bottles made of pure, frozen spring water from the valley of Shangri-la.

Just got a cancelation notice from woot about my order of Camelback filter bottles. Dissappointed!