Botte Picola Balsamic & Olio Nuevo Combo

Under features of the oil it says, “Regular olive oil goes into a settling tank for a month or so before bottling”. This implies that this is an unfiltered olive oil but that isn’t stated explicitly anywhere that I can see. Can someone please confirm?

Is this Olio Nuevo different from the Olio Nuovo that was sold last week? Quick name change? :slight_smile:

same stuff, smaller (500ml) bottle.

I saw that. It’s still a nice package. But I’d like to know how the name got changed from Italian to Spanish! (I see someone fixed it.)

Bought it last year. Buying it again. Never thought I’d be one who wanted to drink vinegar but love this stuff. The olive oil is nice and peppery. I use it only on room temp or colder foods. It’s got a nice mouth feel to it. Strange words, yes, but good stuff. Makes a great gift, too.