Bottle Cap Web Belts

The grey looks olive green and the tan looks mustard yellow, in the pictures.

I’m so confused.

By the way, I love the write up, on this one.

Sigh…when Woot was but a small, Texas company they would have known that Shiner Bock is twist top…

I guess you haven’t been drinking long enough to remember these…$(KGrHqZ,!oIF!Fbll0O!BQH7INlG3w~~60_3.JPG

Greatest belt ever?


Greatest invention ever.

So is there some cosmic conncetion to using these to open a bottle of Grain Belt beer?

I have this same belt in black.

The first time I figured out that the thing in the middle was a bottle opener, I was pretty surprised. It was more awkward than anything though to be in need of a bottle opener, open your belt buckle, and figure out that was what it was meant for.

I suppose it did impress the two friends I was drinking with, at least.

Ok, I feel like I’m missing something; there is no way to open a bottle while actually wearing this, is there? The opener is on the back of the buckle, not the front. I have to unbuckle it and loosen it all the way to get to the opener. Am I failing at life/this, or is this really made backwards (or just made for some sort of survival situation where I don’t mind taking off my belt every time I want a beer)? Thanks!