Bottle on Ice 3-Pack

Bottle on Ice 3-Pack
$8.99 (Normally $35.97) 75% off List Price
(1) Green Bottle on Ice Bag
(1) Black Bottle on Ice Bag
(1) Pink Bottle on Ice Bag


It’s Thursday! (Non-wine day)

the mfg. sells them for 6.99 each…

Big woot fan historically…but out of many hundreds of woot purchases, I believe this was the most disappointing.

I bought these exclusively for using in hotel rooms. They work very nicely and haven’t disappointed. Makes a great cheap add on if you’ve already bought something else and have free shipping already.

I’m gonna steer y’all over to this thread to talk about shark jumping and other bits of disappointment with us..

Gonna try to get this thread back on topic.

Can you explain why they were disappointing?

I have no idea what “bottle on ice” is but I assume it’s some non-alcoholic drink from the comment “Thurs is non-wine day.”

And my point is the narratives are useless; I don’t understand why you can’t provide a detailed description and more product info. I can’t recall now but there was a product I wanted to know something about and didn’t find any info on it so I didn’t even consider it any further. When I want to solve a silly mystery I can always read the woot app on my iPhone.

This video clip is helpful if:
-You want to see the size and color of the Bottle on Ice
-You want to feel like you’re on the beach and not in front of your computer
-You want to be perplexed by the thought that people actually take these videos and then upload them for all to see.

This video is NOT helpful if:
-You are trying to learn proper technique for curling
-You plan on storing wine in the bags and not salt water
-You were hoping to see bikinis

The narratives are meant for entertainment, facts about the product can be found by clicking the product image and looking at the “features” tab. For example, the first bullet on that list for this product is “Bottle On Ice is an ice bucket / wine cooler / gift bag”.

found this one with shrek!

I’m in the house straight up from Bottle On Ice.
Sippin’ that wine from night to dawn,
Still I’ll be up in the morning and hang out with ya kings tomorrow.

Thanks for showing up bottleonice dOOd! I am in for a couple sets of your product which I admittedly thought was silly until I was in need of just such a thing while in Myrtle Beach this past June.

Sitting out on the lawn between our hotel and the ocean with a bottle of wine in an “insulated” bag that leaked all over the place, I smacked myself on the forehead and said “I shoulda got Bottle On Ice offa da Woot!”

Thanks so much!
Indeed the Bottle On Ice bag is resistant (0.5mm), it’s almost double the thickness of some competing bag products (0.3mm).
It’ll take a knive or better a chainsaw to kill our bad little ice bucket!

Worst woot! purchase I have ever made. The bags broke even before I got to my destination; and they were in an insulated cooler in a car. If I knew how to return them I would. I had ice and water all over all the bag when I opened it and busted “Bottle on Ice” bags. Don’t buy them!

Dear Badgegirl:
Very sorry to hear about your experience. this usually never happens, the bags are designed to be roughed up and can take quite a beating unless exposed to a sharp object (like I mentioned earlier).
Please email us at at your convenience we’ll be in touch with you and fix the problem.

Bottle On Ice boy

All right, time for nap!

These are the other videos you guys were looking for by the way…

OK, I’m a-gonna be a little clueless here…

This is a durable, portable, reusable bag, right?

You put ice & your beverage of choice in it, and it doesn’t leak all over the place? ("…which usually never happens.")

Is the bag just one layer, or does it have an insulating layer?

I must need more coffee; I’m just not gettin’ it.

I purchased the Bottle on Ice set earlier this year. Used it on Martha’s Vineyard for picnics on the beach - it worked wonderfully, and was a big hit. I also use it at home when I need to quickly chill a bottle of wine, since I do not have a bucket. I agree with CowboyDann that it’s a great add-on if you’ve already covered shipping with another purchase.

Love these. Got the max last time and again this woot. They make great gift bags that have multiple uses for way less money than I’ve spent on typical paper wine bags. I also take them on trips as a sanitary wine bucket, as I am totally skeeved out by the nasty ice buckets in hotel rooms. All of my gift recipients have loved them too.