Bottle on Ice 3-Pack

You might think this (very reasonably), but you’d be wrong. What you are buying here for your $9 plus shipping is three plastic bags. No more, no less.

For the Wooter who said they were useful for hotel rooms, I’m trying to work out why the conventional ice bucket just wasn’t enough - at least that is insulated!

Hardly a bargain. WAAAAY… overpriced at the retail level. Monstrously hideous logo. Not classy, but tacky.

Will they hold 1.5L bottles?

I’ve considered these before and definitely have had occasion to use them, especially hotel rooms. I’ve already unlocked free shipping today so I’ll go for them. I also frequent a few restaurants that are BYOB and some don’t have buckets to chill wine there, so this will be perfect.

“hideous logo”. Ouch!! You slap our designer in the face early in the morning! Kinda reminds me of that movie scene with Cher:

Cool to meet someone from pompei (stay out of trouble with the earthquakes and lava!).
The ice buckets are perfect for standard size wine and champagne bottles, with the bottle chilling comfortably. Then, the magnum gets too tight and I’m not talking about the big cats: Jeroboam, Methuselah, Salmanazar, that most of us may never use in their lifetime…

I feel completely obtuse today. Is this “just” a plastic bag that you put ice into? Or is this like those freezer mugs where the liquid is trapped between the walls and you keep it in the freezer? Now that would be a really useful bag if I could keep them in the freezer and pull one out when I needed it. But if I just have to put my own ice in it, I’ll stick with my cooler and neoprene/plastic bags, thanks.

Hotel hard surfaces are notorious for being filthy. I can’t get past that so I use these bags as liners instead of the flimsy ones the hotel provides. They are also great for taking a bottle to the beach for sunsets, or to outdoor concerts, etc. No, they are not insulated, but you add ice and bottle and go. They make far better gift bags than the standard ones you can buy. They are tough and will not break from condensation if the bottle is chilled.


On first glancing at the picture I thought it looks like you put the bottle in, then add water to one of the lines on the bag, then put the whole thing in the freezer so your bottle ends up in the bag in a block of ice. (Which would keep it cold for some time while out)

My immediate next thought was that’d be cool for liquor but not so good for wine for various reasons. (not the least of which is the water in wine will eventually freeze as well)

But based on comments it seems maybe this is just a simple portable ice bucket?

The Bottle is indeed an ice bucket, a gift bag (even chocolates etc…), even emergency flower vase.
Check out these alternate uses we’ve received on our FB page:
parking ticket impeacher, traffic lights, lingerie pegs container (girls not included).

Just to clarify- the bottle sits in water and ice and these are not the bags that have walls filled with gel? Just making sure… Thanks in advance…

hello there!
yes exactly, the bottle sits in water and ice. A little bit of water is good because the bottle slides more easily into the ice.
there is no gel or gel related issues.

this post is getting sexy…

So, it’s an “avant-garde” plastic bag. Didn’t know that sort of thing even existed.

I bought these previously. Very useful. I’ve used them for wine, soda, Gatorade.

There’s nothing like an ice bath to keep drinks cold, and these bags accomplish the task on a smaller scale.

Really? I love these! we live in socal and chill a white in the fridge. but, once outside, the wine warms up quickly. NOT with these! These bags keep the wine chilled in hot weather and are easier to transport in and out of the house thatn a stainless steel ice bucket. In for MORE as gifts!

These are also great when we bring a bottle or two to a restaurant (30-40 minute travel time, stops on the way, etc.) Keeps the wine chilled so that when we get there and are seated dont have to put up with a room temperature bottle of rose or white wine! In addition, they are cool looking and people always look at us thionking, “wow, that couple is cool”

Yo bottleonice guy, any update my awesome suggestion when these were offered back in June? If you don’t recall such mastery, here it is along with your response!:

North316 wrote:Dear BottleonIce,

I know you did not hire me for product development, but you should, because I am awesome. You really should consider adding a "bottle sleeve" with this bag. What I am referring to is just another really thin plastic bag that you can synch tightly around the bottle itself before putting it in the ice-bath. That way we wouldn't have to ruin the labels on our bottles just to use the bag.

You can thank me later.

Potential Consumer

Dear North316:
we thank you now rather than later!
we love your idea and acknowledge you certainly must be a fine wine connoisseur who knows his stuff to understand labels and other fine things.
we will look into it after us small people get done packing the shipments!
and whenever we can hire we will!
Bottle On Ice

Hola North 316, great to hear back from you!
we hadn’t forgotten and had looked into this and other insulating ideas. But truth is, we recently put a strong focus on our Swing top glass color bottles and Leather coasters for the coming seasons. For next summer, we’ll try and think of something new.
Maybe hit the Quirky company up and see if you can make money with them!?

BottleonIce boy

I have used them in hotel rooms…work great. Would also work well for BYOBs.