Bottle on Ice Gift Pack (6)

Bottle on Ice Gift Pack - Green, Black, Blue, Pink, Red, & Clear
$14.99 $71.94 79% off List Price sells these for 8.99 a piece so I gotta say, this is a heck of a bargain

I would argue that BottleonIce does not sell these for $8.99 a piece which is why they show up here every 3-4 months.

cute idea…would be great for the holidays

I bought these in a June 2012 Woot offering, a 3-pack for $9.99. I ordered the maximum, and everyone I’ve given them to loves the bags. They’re great for hotel travels (ice buckets really don’t hold big bottles well), but also home barbecues when you want to quickly chill a bottle of white wine or bubbly. Just add ice, water, bottle, and soon you’ll have a cold beverage. Worked better than my freezer for a quick zap. I definitely recommend these bags, and at a great price. I may be in for more - like I said, fantastic gifts.

…but just to clarify, all these are is thick plastic bags, right?

Pampered Chef version is $8.50 each!
This is a great deal.

Yes. Thick plastic bags that can fit a champagne bottle, plus ice, and have a wide base to stay standing when full of water.

Good deal and they work great. I used one on Thanksgiving for a bottle of champagne. Have given several as gifts and all have used and enjoyed.Very nice to have when traveling even if not using for wine,I have been less than impressed with some hotel ice buckets.