Bottled Spirits



Would have been even better with a Scotch and a braveheart-esque spirit


Scotch would fall under the whiskey already pictured. :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, what no goth spirit from a bottle of absinthe?



Nothing says wholesome fun better than booze and stereotypes!

Kidding aside, really like the design. Nice job. :slight_smile:


World touring the tanked way…I like that they’re toasting (or perhaps sloshing to mix their poisons.)


And probably should have been spelled “whiskey,” given the character.
Scotch is spelled “whisky”

I enjoy me some scotch. Possibly too much. Gin too. And tequila.


I’ll drink to that.


That, too.


Or 3, wtf


Oh boy… I’m predicting another high comment:sale ratio.



  • No pop culture reference

  • Kinda weird

  • Adult theme

slams the alarm button


Funny… My gin spirit has a top hat and a sinister laugh.


What’s going on with the shirts lately? Did I miss something (like why there hasn’t been a great shirt in a long time)?


At least they seem friendly… pass the bottle!


I believe we’ll call that a subjective opinion.


Hey, it’s up!
Thanks to the Woot! team for another spot-on writeup, and to everyone who’s loving it and buying it so far.

To Kevlar51, who corrected the whisky/whiskey error: I goofed. I have no excuse, either. I spent the last year working at an ad agency on several whisky and whiskey accounts, and was chided for this same typo many, many times. Let’s pretend the misspelling is from the backwoods hick that labeled that particular bottle of XXX moonshine, and not me.


Except the only stereotypes in the picture are geographical or cultural. Not one of those is for sure racial. Maybe the tequila one, but you don’t have to be Hispanic to be Mexican.


“No officer, he’s not drunk, he’s possessed!”


Ah! You know it’s a great shirt when you immediately have to click it to check out all the details. Such a cool idea and style. If I was a drinker I’d buy 3. :^)


I’m curious as to how many kid’s sizes this one will sell.