BottleKeeper The Standard 2.0

BottleKeeper The Standard 2.0

Maybe I’m stupid but what exactly is the purpose of this? Are you really going to take so long on a 12 oz beer that this is needed? I imagine that most places that ban glass containers are still not going to be cool with this. Seems like a spill proof yeti cup is a much better investment since you can put both bottled beer and canned beer in it and use it for every other beverage in the world.

The beach I go to does not allow glass, but has no issue with these types of bottles.

But to your point about how long it takes to drink 12oz… I have similar containers, but they hold 28oz. That is enough for 2 standard bottles of beer, and they do keep the beer cold enough for a leisurely stroll on the beach.

Yes that was my point. I have a 28 oz spill proof yeti knock off that I got for 9 bucks that is my go to beach and outdoors vessel that is cheap enough that I don’t care if it is lost or stolen or confiscated and holds enough beverage that I’m good for several hours. Seems like a pretty expensive unitasker. As for glass containers I’d just be leery since it shows the bottle neck protruding from it. You’d likely get 5 different answers from people who would make that call.

"BottleKeeper 2.0 is insulated to keep your beet colder "

I may have to have some frosty cold BEET this evening.

Wow, took over 13 hours for that to be pointed out. Y’all are slipping.

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