Bouchaine 2006 Estate Pinot Noir Napa Valley- 3 Pack

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Oof. Bad time for a Woot-Off with me. Got a dozen bottles in the mail today, and I’ve got 10 en route. And I’ve got an itchy trigger finger on the Monday offering. It’s crazy for me to not be on a SIWBM right now. Crazy.

So no. Absolutely no Woot-Off buys. Unless Keating, Roadhouse, or Hook and Ladder make a return… or that lusciously good Verge Syrah… or, of course, anything from Scott Harvey. Or maybe a good Malbec.

But other than those, no. SIWBM.

Unless, of course, I want the wine.

/sigh. I see how I get myself in trouble here.

Rat Reports wren’t to abundant on this wine last time - anyone else buy and have tasting notes?

Woot off??? Arrrrrgh.

looks like the same price during a non-wootoff?

It was a Wednesday, so no rattage. Cellar Tracker ratings go from 86-90, with notes generally focusing on fruitiness rather than earthiness. Deal is over 50% off.

This is a good deal on a good wine.

ok alrighty, here’s an outside link

Here is one of the Rat reports - must have been a Monday

Report was from Zamonice

Lab Rat reporting for duty.

Initial pop and pour at 6:10 CST: Light, brick red color, clear to the bottom of the glass. Very faint berry nose, tight. None of the earthy or woody notes I usually get with a Pinot. Tart on the mid-palate, average finish with medium tannins.

One hour later: Wine is at 63 degrees. Some smoky notes on the nose now, more mouth bite than before. A hint of pepper. Taste is a bit more subdued than before.

Two hours later: No nose to speak of, just a little bit hot. Strong tannins with a lingering mouth bite. A bit dry, still waiting for this wine to open up.

Three hours later: If anything, the nose has faded away. Consistent mouth feel with previous notes. No noticeable changes in the last hour.

Four hours later: No significant changes. Guess this puppy has opened up as much as it’s going to tonight, which still isn’t much.

Final Analysis - Used the UC Davis scoring system, as follows:

Appearance – clear and brilliant. 2 points

Color – typical pinot color and almost transparent, color solid to the edge. 2 points

Aroma and Bouquet – had a tough time trying to pick up the aroma on this wine. No negative factors, but a lack of positive factors as well. 2 - 3 points

Volatile Acidity – No issues with the wine. 2 points

Total Acidity – a lot of mouth-feel with this wine. 2 points

Sweetness/Sugar – Not a fruity wine. 1 point

Body – Appropriate for this wine. 1 point

Flavor – No issues, appropriate for this wine. 1 point

Astringency – Fair amount of tannins in this wine, which seemed to increase over the course of the tasting. 1 point

General Quality – Nice wine at this price, but would think twice at the full price. Can’t tell if this wine is still too young; though I wouldn’t think so, but it never seemed to really open up. Not sure if you believe in bottle shock or not, but to be fair this bottle just traveled halfway across the country in the last day. 1 point

Total score: 15 - 16 points. UC Davis characterizes this score as a standard wine with neither outstanding character nor defects (13 – 16 points out of 20)

Hopefully you will find this helpful in your decision process. Thank you WD for the opportunity to rat

Since no one has posted this yet… here comes the CT linkage

Bouchaine 2006 Estate Pinot Noir

Here is the other Rat Report from sdailyjr

OK… I am a rat and I tried to post and it didn’t take… here is my take on the wine.

Came home from a long day at work and was looking forward to the chilled Bouchaine pinot while sitting on my deck. It didn’t disappoint. It opened to earthy notes and a slight hint of smoke. What I tasted was good Pinot, black cherries… just like I picked from my Grandpa’s cherry tree. It also had spice and that earthy/ smoke taste. It was not as tasty as a Sanford, Fowers, or Foley Pinot, but very good. A definite purchase

Here is the review from Pinotfile -

2006 Bouchaine Vineyards Carneros Estate Pinot Noir

14.5% alc., 2,500 cases, $30. · Closed initially, then opening nicely in the glass with swirling. A rich and sturdy wine with a tasty core of dark red cherries and berries with currants, tobacco and smoky oak that linger on a persistent and noticeably tannic finish. This wine will pair well now with hardy meats. Still fine the next day from an opened and re-corked bottle indicating this wine will age for 5 to 7 more years without difficulty.

Thank you!
This one sounds quite extracted as a pinot, rather than terroir-driven light CA classic, from the descriptions. BBIG-wine lovers should like this one.

Hello–Anyone see this shipped, yet? I got the Woot Tracking Bot notice, but no updates via FedEx:

Shipment Dates
Anticipated ship date Aug 27, 2010
Springfield, VA
Shipment Facts Help Service typeFedEx Ground-Adult Signature Required-U.S.
Weight20.0 lbs/9.1 kg
Purchase order numberoh0810BouchaineWO

I’m wondering whether I have a problem…