Boulder TriMax Triple Insulated Bottle

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Featuring Trimax triple insulation technology

I highly recommended these bottles. I’ve left this bottle in the car, filled with ice and water, for over 4 hours during the Florida summer. The outside metal was hot to the touch, but the ice was still frozen and the water as cold as you need it to be. I fill it as far as I can with ice and then fill with water. It is painted and the paint will scratch. I think it adds character.

I’ve had 2 of the larger bottles (20 oz). The 1st one I had was the same as the blue one in the picture. It lasted for 3 years, however the paint started flaking after the first few months. I eventually lost that one while traveling so I got the black one. It’s held up for about a year now. Paint was better on the black one, but the plastic strap broke after just a few months.